Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Night in Williamsburg: TECLA opens EPIX and The L Magazine's SummerScreen presentation of "Friday" at McCarren Park

Tonight at the McCarren Park ballfields, our friends at The L Magazine, in conjunction with EPIX Movies Free-For-All, presented the first SummerScreen

show of the summer, Friday, which we enjoyed. But we really came to see TECLA, who opened for the film with a really terrific set that began at 7 p.m.

TECLA is Tecla Esposito, and she's got these killer albums, Strangers in Masks and the remix Strangers Revisited, that we've listened to repeatedly, with more pleasure each time.

For her great performance tonight we have to thank Nicole Wasilewicz of Free Williamsburg, who's curating this season's SummerScreen music acts. Also, backup on drumes, etc, by the talented and shirtless Kassa Overall.

Anyway, SummerScreen is always worth going to. We scored an EPIX mat to sit on and had a chance to enter a raffle to win an iPad and other good stuff, as we did last Thursday's film in Tompkins Square Park. There's lots of good food and drink, too.

And lots of cool people, of course.

We sometimes worry that when, as an old uncool person, write about something, we'll infect it with our un-coolness. That's why we understood when this photographer hired by EPIX asked everyone around us if he could take their pics, and um, just pretended we were invisible. Which we are, of course.

We just don't want to be confused to the poor old Larry 'Bud' Melman lookalike who got scarily close to Tecla towards the end of the set and then, seeming to think it was an open mike event, asked to perform next.

Anyway, you should check out TECLA's work and all the people smarter than us who've said good things about this terrific tropical-electro-pop musician.

, of course, is now the classic that spawned a whole series of increasingly less funny sequels with Ice Cube.

We're grateful we got to get to SummerScreen for the movie and fine music on this beautiful night in Williamsburg. We're also grateful we live just a few blocks away because we've been up since 4:30 a.m.

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