Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday Evening in the South Bronx: 8 y Más and Lavoe All Stars Cantando Renzo Padilla at St. Mary's Park

This evening we had fun in beautiful St. Mary's Park off 149th Street in the South Bronx, a quick walk from the Third Avenue 2/5 train station, where we caught much of a terrific evening of contemporary and past Latin music presented by SummerStage in association with Globe Star Media and La Mega 97.9.

It was a great show, enjoyed by many of the people in the large crowds. And as we did at last summer's Our Latin Thing tribute to the Fania All Stars at East River Park, we saw some great dancing from audience members tonight at St. Mary's Park.

We were also astonished by the spectacular mambo dancing of a group of young people who seemed to be only introduced as St. Mary's dancers. If these people are not professionals, then they are truly gifted. For us, they were the highlight of the evening.

The main events, though, were mighty fine. 8 y Más is one of the hottest new bands on the contemporary Latin music scene today. Comprised of a team of internationally recognized musicians considered by many to be some of the best in NYC and beyond, 8 y Más boasts a group of stellar veteran musicians including: Bobby Allende, Angel Fernandez, Ricky Gonzalez and Marc Quiñones. In 2006, the band released its first production, Juega Billar to much acclaim by salsa music lovers.

Lavoe All Stars featuring lead singer Renzo Padilla reunites the original Hector Lavoe band members, including Professor Joe Torres, Jimmy Delgado, Danny Rosado, Jose Mangual, Eddie Montalvo, Jhon De Jesus and Reynaldo. These talented musicians have reunited with the sole purpose of bringing back the magical sound that only Lavoe’s band had. As the band begins, listeners are instantly transported back to the 70’s glory days of Salsa. Tonight, the band celebrates the musical legacy of the late, beloved Fania Records salsero, Héctor Lavoe. Here are the Lavoe All Stars with "Abuelita":

(YouTube video courtesy of DonSalserisimo)
and 8 y Más with "La Pelota":

(YouTube video courtesy of DonSalserisimo)
Anyway, it was a wonderful evening of great music in a beautiful setting.

We're grateful to everyone who brought tonight's show to the vibrant South Bronx.

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