Saturday, August 27, 2011

Late Saturday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Metropolitan Avenue Prepares for Hurricane Irene

After 4 p.m. today we went out during a lull in the pre-hurricane rain to get a couple of 9-volt batteries so we can listen to the radio if (when?) the power goes off. The great Crest Hardware store was ready for Irene. They're staying open till 7 p.m.

Down Metropolitan Avenue, dueling deli/newsstands have taped up their windows.

Around the corner, some of New York's Bravest, two FDNY firefighters, as well as a couple of dog walkers, were at Sunac. No word if the market will stay open 24 hours as usual.

Across Union Avenue, Kellogg's Diner half-heartedly taped up its windows. There were a lot of people inside, as they were elsewhere, at the Macri Park Bar, San Marcos Pizza, etc.

The subway was closed, of course.

The person in this billboard by the BQE is what we imagine Hurricane Irene looks like.

According to our friends at Free Williamsburg, Hurricane Irene can potentially destroy our neighborhood. We live across one street from a Zone B evacuation area and across another street from a Zone C evacuation area. Why we are in a no-evacuation zone, we have no idea.

We wish everyone good luck in weathering the storm.
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UPDATE, SUNDAY 5 P.M.: We are all fine here, with no damage except a lot of leaves and a few branches on the ground. No flooding or loss of power here. We are very grateful for that and know that many others were not as lucky.

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