Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Morning in Williamsburg: Awaiting Hurricane Irene on Conselyea Street

A car ready to greet Hurricane Irene.

A story from Richard Grayson's Eating at Arby's: The South Florida Stories (Grinning Idiot Press, 1982)

A scary warning

“Oh, oh,” said Manny one afternoon.

“What’s wrong, Manny?” asked his wife Zelda, who was in the Florida room sweeping away little salamanders.

“They just said on NewsWatch 10 that there’s a hurricane warning.”

“Oh, no,” said Zelda. “What does that mean?”

“That means a hurricane is probably going to strike South Florida. We must get ready for the hurricane, Zelda.”

“How do we do that?”

“First, we have to make sure we have food in the house. If there is a hurricane, we cannot go to buy food at Publix or to eat out at Arby’s. Then we have to board up our windows. After that we need to buy batteries for our flashlight. And then we should fill up our station wagon with gas.”

“I’m scared of hurricanes, Manny.”

“The important thing is to be prepared. If you are prepared, Zelda, there is no reason to get scared.”

“I suppose hurricanes are just a fact of life for us here in South Florida,” said Zelda.

“Yes, but hurricanes are not always so bad. Besides, our weather is almost always beautiful.”

“Yes, Manny, our weather is almost always beautiful. I guess hurricanes aren’t that scary. I feel better now.”

“Good for you, Zelda,” said Manny. “Now we can get out our map and track that hurricane!”

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