Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Afternoon and Evening in East Williamsburg: The Go Folk Yourself Summer Fest at Cooper Park

We spent several wonderful hours today at Cooper Park at the Go Folk Yourself Summer Fest, an all-day event from the folks at Go Folk Yourself (GFY), a music video newsblog that promotes independent artists in Brooklyn.

Since we just have to walk down Conselyea Street the four blocks to its end where it turns into Maspeth Avenue for another few blocks, we went back and forth during the afternoon and early evening, so of course we didn't see all the bands on the lineup:

The Ruby Spirit, The Secret History, Tayisha Busay, Friends, GunFight!, New Atlantic Youth, Friend Roulette, Whale Belly, Zachary Cale, Swear and Shake, Crooks and Perverts.

Still, the music we did hear was terrific. Up first was Crooks and Perverts.

Swear and Shake

Friend Roulette

New Atlantic Youth


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