Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Night in Williamsburg: Mark Wholesale, Inc. Ribbon-Cutting Celebration at the Lot on Rodney Street and Broadway

Coming home from the concert at East River Park, as we got off the J train at Marcy Street, we heard klezmer music, and as we turned onto Rodney Street just north of Broadway, just behind where we're currently living, we saw a gorgeously decorated party at the vacant lot.
A poster at the entrance described this private party for VIPs as a "ribbon cutting" and names Mark Wholesale, Inc., which has its business on Bedford Avenue, so I guess they're opening something here. Cool.
There was a lavish display of lights, liquor and food under a big white party tent, and Hasidic men were gathering at small tables in front of it. Soulful klezmer music was playing, and a man with a sweet voice sung lulling songs in Yiddish. We stared from behind the chain link fence and listened to the pleasant, highly amplified music. The smell of seared beef - filet mignon? - made even a vegetarian a little swoony, so we left after a while of being outside, listening in.
Even as we write this at 10:30 p.m., from our bedroom, which faces South 5th Street, we can still hear the party band playing klezmer.

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