Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Celebrating Easter, Passover and Spring at Grand Ferry Park

As the sun remained out and temperatures jumped into the 70°s on this Easter afternoon,

we headed out across Grand Street to the waterfront

and the joys of Grand Ferry Park, named for the 19th century Grand Street Ferry, which once carried farm goods and passengers across the East River to Manhattan.

One of the New York Times's most stylish reporters, Sarah Maslin Nir, had a piece in today's Metro section in which she wrote
Come the warm weather, New Yorkers become pleasure seekers; we’re an outdoorsy bunch — at least when the weather’s nice. . .

According to the calendar, it’s been spring for the past five weeks. But you could have fooled me. Since the vernal equinox on March 20, the official start of the season,

we’ve had nearly two weeks’ worth of days on which the temperature has not yet reached above 50 degrees. On average, this spring is two and a half degrees colder than usual.

And it has rained almost 20 of those days, making the season thus far 27 percent wetter than in most years (not to mention March 24, the day that shall live in infamy, when there was measurable snowfall). Still, dotted amid the gloomy days and the dreary ones have been a few bright, balmy afternoons

— fool’s gold, or so they’ve seemed. . .

Perhaps this afternoon was the real thing.

What we love about this spot is that you get a good view of all three bridges: the Williamsburg, the Manhattan and the Brooklyn.

We're grateful that it got as warm as 80° and that today's predicted thunderstorms held off

so that we could get out of that furshlugginer suit and tie and enjoy walking around Williamsburg in our T-shirt and shorts like normal people.

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