Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Morning in Williamsburg: Easter Mass at St. Francis of Paola

We attended Easter Mass this morning at St. Francis of Paola Roman Catholic Church.

Until a few months ago, St. Francis of Paola was its own parish -- which it had been since World War I -- but in the wave of recent consolidations in the Diocese of Brooklyn, it's been merged with St. Cecilia on Herbert Street in Greenpoint and and St. Nicholas on Olive Street to form the Parish of Divine Mercy.

It had been a while -- okay, years -- since we'd last been to Mass. But a certain persistent young person who can sometimes be petulant if we pretend to be hard of hearing asked us to attend.

Additionally, we were told to wear a suit and tie, which made us about as happy about as Bart Simpson usually is on Sunday mornings.

Okay, we got presentable enough to pass muster.

Walking fast for several blocks down Conselyea Street, we arrived for a packed 10:30 a.m. Mass with just a few minutes to spare. We were glad to see people were still going in when we got there because a certain person assumed we wouldn't make it on time.

When berated for coming in too late to get a seat up closer, we told a certain someone, the Holy Spirit is everywhere.

Including if you manage to sit on the aisle

although this was left over from the earlier bilingual Mass in Italian and English and wasn't all that useful to us now.

Ah, this was better.

We actually did enjoy the service a great deal

and had to admit it was sort of nice to be in church on Easter.

And we're glad we went to Mass today.

As we left church, someone said, "I told you so."

Happy Easter!

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