Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Morning in Stuyvesant Town: Easter Breakfast by the Oval

We were so excited to see the sun actually come up this Easter morning that we got out of the house by 7 a.m. after exercising to Classical Stretch on NYC-TV and took the L train a couple of stops to First Avenue.

At Starbucks we got a free iced tea thanks to our Gold Card rewards and bought some oatmeal with dried fruits and nuts and took them over to Stuyvesant Town, where we found a comfy couch just waiting for us.

Actually we sat at a bench by the Oval, which will open to residents in late May once the grass is all grown in beautifully.

One of Stuy Town's many officious gray squirrels came over and threw us for a loop when he asked to see our ID.

Luckily we have pull with this kindly one-of-a-kind black squirrel, who gave us permission to hang out. What a pal.

We'd put up a statue in his honor were there not one already.

On our way back to Brooklyn to get ready for church, we admired the cityscapes painted by fifth graders decorating the Oval Study.

We're grateful to Stuyvesant Town for letting us trespass. It won't happen again. Definitely not.

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