Thursday, February 9, 2012

Richard Grayson's "LATE SPRING IN SUNRISE" Now Available as Trade Paperback or eBook at Amazon Kindle Store

This week Superstition Mountain Press published Richard Grayson's Late Spring in Sunrise. It is available in a 167-page trade paperback edition for $12.99, as well as an e-book published by Art Pants Company available at the Amazon Kindle store for 99 cents.

The promo stuff says in part,
Broward County, Florida, 1982.

A 30-year-old writer and a 17-year-old boy about to graduate from high school.

An unexpected love affair.

Richard Grayson has been keeping a daily diary since the summer of 1969, when he was an 18-year-old agoraphobic about to venture out into the world -- or at least the world around him in Brooklyn.

In LATE SPRING IN SUNRISE, an older Grayson is still exploring. His second book of short stories just published, a contract signed for his third, Grayson is finishing his first year as a full-time community college instructor in Florida when he finds himself involved in a relationship with the teenage Sean.

Earlier, Grayson published the first six volumes of the diaries of his late teens and twenties as THE BROOKLYN DIARIES, featuring SUMMER IN BROOKLYN: 1969-1975; WINTER IN BROOKLYN: 1972-73; SPRING IN BROOKLYN, 1975; AUTUMN IN BROOKLYN, 1978; MORE SUMMERS IN BROOKLYN: 1976-1979; and A YEAR IN ROCKAWAY, 1980.

LATE SPRING IN SUNRISE takes place in seven weeks of 1982 and is one of six volumes of THE EIGHTIES DIARIES, whose other books include SOUTH FLORIDA WINTERS, 1981-1984; WEST SIDE SUMMERS, 1984-1987; INDIAN SUMMER: PARK SLOPE, 1985; SPRINGTIME IN LAUDERHILL, 1986; and EIGHTIES' END: AUTUMN, 1987-1989.

The book will also be available on Scribd and Lulu for free online reading.

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