Tuesday, June 26, 1979

Daily News' Liz Smith column features Richard Grayson's WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK

Today's Daily News has a mention of Richard Grayson's With Hitler in New York in Liz Smith's column:

Daily News (New York)

Tuesday, June 26, 1979

Page 5

BABY RAVE: While Steve Martin's "Cruel Shoes" is going through the roof in book sales, let me point out another really funny book of short stories published at the same time, titled "With Hitler in New York," These tales by Richard Grayson are populated by Farrah Fawcett-Major, Sarah Lawrence of Arabia, Abe Lincoln and Hitler, to name a few.

I read Richard's book after the 27-year-old author wrote me a letter. "I live with my parents in Brooklyn. We are very poor, but we are honest and good and gossip-minded people." How could I resist?

Wednesday, June 20, 1979

"Torch Bearers of Literature," Harrisburg Patriot-News Article on Literary Magazines

Today, June 20, 1979, the Harrisburg Patriot-News published "Torch Bearers of Literature," an article about literary magazines, including X: A Journal of the Arts, which mentioned the magazine's single issue devoted to the work of Richard Grayson.

Monday, June 4, 1979

Friday, June 1, 1979

Gargoyle Magazine reviews Richard Grayson's DISJOINTED FICTIONS

The Washington, D.C.-based literary magazine Gargoyle reviews Richard Grayson's Disjointed Fictions in issue 11 (May 25, 1979):

Disjointed Fictions - Richard Grayson,
X, a journal of the arts, PO Box 2648,
Harrisburg, PA 17105. 42pp. perfect
bound, $3, 1978.

Grayson seems to crop up everywhere these days. Perhaps the most prolific short story writer in America. Of the six stories in this book, "Inside Barbara Walters" is hilarious, and "Progress" even better. Like Grayson says, "We are all children of television. My first word was Boraxo." Catch him quick, before his big new book comes out this spring from a major New York publisher.