Sunday, December 31, 1995

Publishers Weekly reviews Richard Grayson's I SURVIVED CARACAS TRAFFIC

In its January 3, 1996 issue, Publishers Weekly reviews Richard Grayson's I Survived Caracas Traffic:

Stories from the Me Decades
Richard Grayson. Avisson Press
(3007 Taliaferro Rd., Greensboro, N.C.
27408: 910-288-6989), $21 (144p)
ISBN 1-888105-04-6

Social tropes and individual types from the “Me Decades” (here, really just the late 1970s and early ‘80s) run through Grayson’s eighth story collection. The stories are riddled with self-absorbed baby boomers, T-shirt slogans, Henry Kissinger, silicone implants, Saturday Night Live, the AIDS crisis, quarreling roommates and psychotherapists. Most are written in a flat first-person, but in others Grayson (Lincoln’s Doctor’s Dog) shows a sense of humor and an appreciation of the weird. The costs of survival in the AIDS retrospective title story, and the isolating entropy of depression in “Where the Glacier Stops,” manage to imbue their drained narrators with some emotional weight. On the whimsical side, “Twelve Step Barbie” sees the doll in a midlife crisis, and “A Clumsy Story” artfully diagrams and parodies MFA-quality fiction. But whatever Grayson’s approach – whether the troubled roommate is a Wisconsin Lutheran (“My Plan to Kill Henry Kissinger”) or the Pontiff (“With the Pope in Park Slope”) – most of his characters carry only a faded familiarity, not an invigorating shock of recognition. (Feb.)

Sunday, December 3, 1995

New Jersey Online Features Richard Grayson's Latest "Off the Shelf: J & J Insider" Column

Every week Richard Grayson's "Off the Shelf: J & J Insider" column on New Jersey Online Business digs up unusual snippets of trivia and news about Johnson & Johnson products. This week (December 3, 1995) read how people are babying baseball gloves, powdering their show dogs and wearing team colors on their casts.

Friday, December 1, 1995

Florida Department of Education Publishes "Legal Issues for the Design and Development of a Technology-Supported System of Education: 1994-1995"

The Florida Department of Education has published Legal Issues for the Design and Development of a Technology-Supported System of Education: 1994-1995 Legal Memoranda, edited and written by Richard Grayson, staff attorney at the Center for Governmental Responsibility of the University of Florida for the Florida Schoolyear 2000 Initiative, a collaborative effort among school districts, the Florida Department of Education and the Center for Educational Technology at Florida State University.

This publication explores the legal issues that surround a public education system enriched by electronic systems and new technologies.