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Saturday Night in Flushing: Paul Simon at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park

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(All videos of show here) publishes Arizona LD 16 Candidate Richard Grayson's Reply to LD 16 Senate Candidate Benjamin Carmitchel

On September 19, 2018, published a letter from Ben Carmitchel:
In a sense, the role of an Arizona state senator (the office for which I'm running in LD 16) is simple: act in the interest of the constituents of the district, regardless of political pressures or corporate influence. Somehow, we've lost sight of that. I'm asked about the Second Amendment, the pro-choice/pro-life debate, and Supreme Court nominees as if those issues are next on the docket. They're used as dividing points.
In doing so, we ignore the issues we have real control over at a state level. Education, taxes, environmental protection, the water crisis, poverty, health care — these are the issues I'll focus on as your state senator. I'd like to urge all Arizona's to focus on the candidates and the issues that they'd face if elected. Which candidate best represents the people of that legislative or congressional district? From school board to governor, we the people must make smart choices, it's more crucial now than ever.
Benjamin Carmitchel
Apache Junction 

On September 20, 2018, published a letter from Richard Grayson:
In a recent letter, Ben Carmitchel, the Democratic candidate for state senator in LD 16, writes of his frustration about being "asked about the Second Amendment, the pro-choice/pro-life debate, and Supreme Court nominees as if those issues are next on the docket" of the Arizona Legislature.
I am a Democrat-supporting Green Party candidate for state representative for one of the two seats in LD 16. I ardently support meaningful gun control, strongly favor a woman's right to choose abortion, and oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh. If Ben doesn't think the Legislature has a role in gun control or abortion rights or the judiciary, he is mistaken.
I'm one candidate who's not afraid of stating my views in a strongly Republican district. I'm a progressive, a liberal, a democratic socialist, and am proud to say so. Even if I get less than 1 percent of the vote, people will know where I stand.
Richard Grayson
Apache Junction

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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Democrat Richard Grayson Wins Green Party Primary for State Representative in Arizona's 16th Legislative District with Write-In Votes

Arizona Secretary of State Michelle Reagan today released the official canvass of Arizona's 2018 primaries on August 28, 2018.

Results from Arizona's Legislative District 16 Green Party primary for state representative show that Democrat Richard Grayson won with two write-in votes, or 100% of ballots counted.
In the November general election, Grayson, along with Democrat Sharon Stinard, will be running for Legislative District 16's two seats in the Arizona House of Representatives, running against Republican Kelly Townsend and John Fillmore. Democrat Ben Carmitchel is the LD 16 candidate for State Senator.
Grayson, the 2014 Democratic nominee in Wyoming's At-Large Congressional District and the 2004 Democratic candidate in Florida's Fourth Congressional District, has been endorsed by AZNOWPAC, the political action committee of the Arizona National Organization for Women, in this election.

Grayson has been a nemesis of Donald Trump since 1990, when they were acquainted in Manhattan.
NORML - Smoke the Vote rated Grayson "A" on cannabis legalization and reform while other candidates in the race were rated "C-" or "F."
Although running on the Green Party line, Grayson is not a Green Party candidate, as the Arizona Green Party notes. He is a registered Democrat.