Friday, November 30, 1979

Two Richard Grayson Stories in STAR-WEB PAPER #7

Richard Grayson has two stories, "Notes on the Type" and "Mark the Public Notices," in the current (1979) issue of the literary magazine STAR-WEB PAPER, edited by Thomas Michael Fisher in La Mesilla, New Mexico.

Other contributors to issue #7 include Ron Koertge, Rosmarie Waldrop, Gerald Locklin, Lyn Lifshin, Tom Ahern, Duane Locke and Peter Payack.

Tuesday, November 13, 1979

US Magazine covers Richard Grayson's candidacy for Vice President

US Magazine in its current (November 13, 1979) issue features an article on political candidates in the 1980 election that includes a section on Richard Grayson's campaign for Vice President.

Monday, November 5, 1979

The Kings Courier reports on Richard Grayson's Candidacy for Vice President

The Kings Courier this week (11/5/79) reports on Richard Grayson, Brooklyn's candidate for Vice President.

Saturday, November 3, 1979

CHOICE: Reviews for College Libraries reviews Richard Grayson's WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK

The November 1979 issue of Choice: Reviews for College Libraries has a review of Richard Grayson's With Hitler in New York:

Choice: Reviews for College Libraries

November 1979

With Hitler in New York and other stories, by Richard Grayson. Taplinger, 1979. 78-20695. 7.95 ISBN 0-8008-8406-X

Fiction as joke, word play, vehicle for whimsy: these are the hallmarks of Grayson's stories. Most of these 27 stories – written over the past seven years – have appeared in little magazines. While occasionally eliciting laughter (e.g., "What really happened in Cambodia"), several stories seem to be merely cute, ingenious, alike in texture and tone. An Art Buchwald piece cannot be extended beyond a page or two without breaking down, and that is what Grayson's efforts ignore – with predictably uneven results. The celebrating of a fictional soap opera ("'Go not to Lethe' celebrates its 27th anniversary"), a conversation with a dejected (and rejected) "sick" story ("But in a thousand other worlds"), a hyperbolic rendering of conversation ("Wednesday night at our house") – together these illustrate the matter and manner of Grayson's fiction. One is left with the impression of a writer whose forte is the one-liner, a Bob Hope who would be a Saroyan.

Thursday, November 1, 1979

New review of Richard Grayson's WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK

A zine (no publisher known, no date) has published a new review of Richard Grayson's With Hitler in New York:

WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK by richard grayson. $7.95 from taplinger, 200 park ave south, ny 10003.

i first read grayson in writ (8), a story about joe colletti i believe. well, joe colletti has become one of my folk heroes, so i guess you're gonna know i'm gonna recommend this book for some good time reading. my only complaint is that i feel it coulda been more cohesive. its a collection of short stories - sure, but there's so many characters we meet. uncles, aunts, sisters, joe colletti. woulda made a hilarious novel. its okay for me as it is, but collections of short stories are hard to sell. unless you write science fiction.

good science fiction. so just pretend this is a good science fiction collection & i'm sure you'll never forget joe colletti. that's the sign of a good character, one you can't forget, & its addictive. i sat down during one of my lax periods & wrote a joe colletti story. every writer should have at least one joe colletti story to share with his friends. & they should also have a copy of the original which can be found in this great book by richard grayson. three cheers & a beer, only $7.95.