Wednesday, April 25, 1979

Publishers Weekly reviews Richard Grayson's WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK

The April 23, 1979 issue of Publishers Weekly has a review of Richard Grayson's With Hitler in New York:

Richard Grayson. Taplinger, $7.95
ISBN 0-8008-8406-X

Grayson pokes fun at American life -- politicians, business, television and fads -- in these sharp, witty stories populated by such figures as Farrah Fawcett-Majors, "Chief Justice Burger, Teen Idol," and Sarah Lawrence of Arabia. Abe Lincoln, who isn't the least bit interested in slavery, sprawls on a couch in total apathy as Stephen Douglas makes love to Mary Todd upstairs. The degeneration of love in an alienated society is sketched in "Classified Personal," a collection of ads signed by Sappho, The Impotent Kid, Take Me I'm Yours, and other lonely hearts in search of potential mates. "In the Lehman Collection," a boy jogs 11 miles a day through the Main Gallery, a family takes a tour in their Winnebago, and a man is stabbed, unnoticed. The staccato style, laced with puns and wisecracks, is apt for these amusing if somewhat contrived satires. [June 15]

Friday, April 6, 1979

Taplinger Publishing Company's Spring 1979 Catalog features Richard Grayson's "With Hitler in New York"

Thirty astonishing stories by an exciting new writer 

Hitler and Mike get stoned and go for eggcreams in Brighton Beach. Buddy’s grandfather secretly knows that Farrah Fawcett-Majors has a foreign accent. A famous weight-lifter realizes that he’s got to live inside the body he’s built for himself. A teenage fan magazine tells ‘How to Make Chief Justice Burger Love You.’ A woman dutifully lies under the bed while her son has sex with Sarah Lawrence of Arabia. Cambodian insurgents auction off centaurs, gorgons, satyrs and griffins. A short story on a low-cholesterol diet gets arrested for solicitation. . . Welcome to the world of Richard Grayson, a gifted young writer whose short fiction, published in dozens of literary magazines, has been startling lucky readers for years. With Hitler in New York is a collection of Grayson’s finest, freshest, funniest work – thirty original visions of the way we live now. 

160 pp. 5¼x8 $7.95 8406-X May Fiction 

  - Taplinger Publishing Company Spring 1979 Catalogue, page 14