Sunday, November 27, 1994

Columbus Dispatch profiles Richard Grayson in "Bookends" Column

The Columbus Dispatch today (Sunday, November 27, 1994) features a Bookends column by Dispatch book critic George Myers Jr. on Richard Grayson. The arts section page one teaser for the article: "Fiction writer Richard Grayson finds a second career -- one with more notability -- by lampooning the press and the nation's fascination with celebrity."

Saturday, November 12, 1994

Richard Grayson column in Orlando Sentinel: "Nothing Like a Matinee on Sundays"

Richard Grayson has a column in the Orlando Sentinel today (Saturday, November 12, 1994): "Nothing Like a Matinee on Sundays."

Thursday, November 3, 1994

Florida Dollar Stretcher, African-American newspaper, endorses Richard Grayson for Congress

The African-American newspaper The Florida Dollar Stretcher today (Thursday, November 3, 1994) endorsed Richard Grayson for Congress. Grayson is running as a write-in candidate in Florida's Ninth Congressional District.