Sunday, May 28, 1995

New Orleans Times-Picayune column item on SOUTHERN LIGHTS: The PEN South Literary Review

The "Write Stuff" book column in the Times Picayune of New Orleans today, Sunday, May 28, 1995, has an item on Southern Lights, the literary review of PEN American Center South, the New Orleans-based chapter of the international writers' organization, edited by Skye Kathleen Moody and featuring work by Richard Grayson, Steven Kellman, June Akers Seese, Robert Phillips, Lisa Kahn, Sergei Task, Raymond Schroth, Andrew Horton and others.

Thursday, May 25, 1995

Los Angeles Times column covers Richard Grayson's political action committee

The Los Angeles Times today (Thursday, May 25, 1995) has a column on page A5 discussing Richard Grayson's political action committee:



For those who fear American election campaigns boil down to a scramble for the center, there is this bit of proof from Federal Election Commission records that life exists, if only marginally, at the political extremes. On the far right: The political action committee Americans for Fascism filed a statement from its headquarters in Branchville, N.J., reporting income and expenses for the third quarter of 1994 (a grand total of $380). On the far left: Richard Grayson from Gainesville, Fla., filed a statement of candidacy for Congress last year identifying his campaign committee as God Hates Republicans, a title that led inevitably to this question: If that were true, why did Grayson receive just 152votes as a write-in candidate for the seat won by Rep. Michael Bilirakis, a Republican?