Saturday, May 8, 2010

Forty Years Ago Today in Brooklyn: May 8, 1970: Brooklyn College reacts to Kent State

From our diary:

Friday May 8, 1970

And it goes on. Linda and I went to a faculty meeting at Whitman at 10 a.m. Kneller spoke, as did one of the Concerned Faculty and a representative of blacks. Not much was accomplished.

We found Howie in the President's office (now Strike Central) and walked around campus. Jeane Kaskowitz and I went to a workshop. No one knows if people will be sent on campus.

I went to quite a few other meetings during the day - one of marshals [for the Washington march]. Esther is working as a marshal, Sheila is working on the clean-up committee, Mr. Feltmen is on the Concerned Faculty.

I came home for lunch and returned to the college until 5 p.m. The school will be open, but classes are shut "indefinitely." More departments - Chem, Bio, Poli Sci - have supported the strike. All public schools were closed today.

Construction workers beat up students in Wall Street and threw rocks at women protestors. This saddens and angers me and does more than all the peace rhetoric to convince me that the strike is right. On campus, there were a few confrontations with YAF [Young Americans for Freedom], but nothing serious. I wish the stirkers were better organized.

Mom and Dad went to a Neil Simon play tonight. A heavy thunderstorm struck - if only it could wash away all the world's troubles. At Nixon's press conference he was oh so sincere, but it won't help him.

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