Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Morning in Bay Ridge: Breakfast in Shore Road Park

In need of the solace of greenery and water, we left Williamsburg early this chilly but sunny morning, taking the G train

to Fourth Avenue and then the R train

to the end of the line at 95th Street in Bay Ridge,

where we picked up a venti iced tea and multigrain bagel at Starbucks on Third Avenue and 92nd Street and made tracks for the 58 acres of Shore Road Park.

We walked down the path near Third Avenue

and the park, abutting the Belt Parkway along the Narrows, stretched out in front of us.

One of these little animals playfully ran up to us with a ball in its mouth.

The view of the Verrazano Bridge and Staten Island is always great from here.

Driving on the Belt Parkway, we were always puzzled by this sign, the only one we know in Brooklyn that gives the mileage distance to three boroughs. Today we saw it from the other end, as the Belt goes through the park.

Anyway, it was wonderful to be outside in Shore Road Park, to walk and then sit, on this unseasonably cool morning.

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