Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Walking Around East River State Park

On this warm, sunny afternoon, we took a walk over to Williamsburg's East River State Park. There's now access to the water, which is a pleasure.

A few people were fishing.

And this model was being filmed for whatever.

New interpretative signs tell about the park's history as a marine rail terminal.

Lots of people - for a midweek afternoon, anyway - were enjoying hanging out on the grass in the sun.

There were quite a few improvements made, including a playground with places for kids to play and an exhibit of sculptures and art installations.

These two actresses were rehearsing a scene near this piece of art.

Sometimes it was hard to tell the art from the playground equipment. This, for example, will be a scale for kids.

Our favorite playground item was this train.

Only when we went to the front of it, though, did we see it looked ready to ride on the old rail tracks from the terminal that are still visible.

Some parts of the park remain undeveloped but look cool nevertheless.

We made our way out of East River State Park after a pleasant hour or so.

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