Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Sixth Annual Bicycle Fetish Day at The City Reliquary

After giving a final exam this morning to our students this morning - we're in the midst of a lot of grading and teaching eleven days in a row (we started an intensive summer session class) - we were happy to get back home to Williamsburg so we could walk over to The City Reliquary's sixth annual Bicycle Fetish Day.

It's a block party,

poetically between Grand and Hope, on Havemeyer.

Scores of bicycles

were everywhere.

We watched some trick riding.

Scooters were around too.

And a unitary unicycle.

This geodesic dome

looked aphrodisiac.

Several fetishists represented the Puerto Rico Schwinn Club, but only one man had maracas.

A few ices fetishists took pleasure in this cart.

One boy on a bicycle provided all the power needed to light Williamsburg. Or at least the compact fluourescent lightbulb in our bathroom.

The DJs were not on bikes.

Time's Up!

It was a great day for Brooklyn bicycle fetishists.

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