Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Afternoon in Williamsburg: El Puente's "Next Wave" Second Annual All-City Youth & Adult Bboy/Bgirl Battle at M.S. 50

After leaving The City Reliquary's Bicycle Fetish Day block party, we headed one block west to Roebling Street and down to Middle School 50's

third floor gym, for El Puente's Next Wave Second Annual All-City Youth & Adult Bboy/Bgirl Battle, which the El Puente Beacon Leadership Center presented along with Breaks Kru.

We were asked to sign a participant form.

But surprisingly, there was no 55-and-over category for competitors.

The judges looked carefully before assigning scores, we guess.

This was the only bgirling we saw during our time in the M.S. 50 gym. She competed against a bboy and did great.

The DJ was cool. We teach the rhetorical strategy of classification and division by giving the example of the four elements of hip-hop: DJing, rapping, tagging and of course bboying.

Watching the participants warm up and practice was just as fascinating as watching the actual throwdowns. In both cases our rickety cell phone could take only blurry pics.

Some of the stuff we saw looked as if it would send a baby boomer to the chiropractor for about twenty years straight.

And sometimes even agile bboying can resemble a seizure or fainting spell.

But we had a really good time, as did the large crowd of kids little and big, young and old. El Puente does such great work in the community, especially for kids, and we're grateful for its presence in Williamsburg.

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