Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Morning in Boro Park: Breakfast at Gravesend Park

The sun was out early this morning, and despite the slight chill, it was a great day to hang out in Gravesend Park in the Mapleton area of Boro Park.

At 8 a.m., it's really peaceful.

The direct route from Williamsburg to Boro Park is probably the semi-secret B110 bus

but we took the G train to its end at Church Avenue and then the F train to 18th Avenue and walked west. If you're in the area, you can pick up a nice bagel and drink (or salads, etc.) directly across the park at Bagel N' Greens even if you're not so frum.

You can try to feed these birds on the fence some bagel crumbs. Don't worry; they won't bite. (They can't be the nickname of the teams at nearby FDR High School because they're the Cougars; the school's unofficial nickname, according to our friend Sharif, who's a graduate, is Frankie's Drug Rehab.)

Better you should just sit on a bench and enjoy your food and the scenery.

We sat for a while and then walked down the path south to 19th Avenue.

There's a marvelous canopy of green over the chess/checkers tables and beyond.

Gravesend Park is a neat little place not too much known outside of Boro Park and the surrounding area, but it's really improved since when we were kids during the Punic Wars. Now you'd hardly know there was a sanitation garage right next to it.

And a visit to the graves Gravesend Park is at the end of, at Washington Cemetery, is always peaceful and beautiful.

Even gangsters like those from Detroit's notorious Purple Gang lie peacefully here.

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