Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Monday Morning at the WIlliamsburg Waterfront: Mayor Bloomberg Inaugurates Launch of East River Ferry Service

We were at the Williamsburg Waterfront -- specifically at the new pier at North 6th Street -- for the inaugural launch of East River Ferry service,

with Mayor Bloomberg,

other dignitaries and lots of media aboard for the event.

It was great to see off this wonderful new transportation service linking downtown Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Long Island City and Manhattan. That's right, "see off."

As we told News 12 Brooklyn, "You're not getting me on that thing. I'm old enough to remember Gilligan's Island."

People around here may live on The Edge, but not us.

Having endured seasickness on the ferries to Staten Island and Fire Island, we long ago vowed never go on a boat again. We're hoping for a bridge to Governor's Island someday.

But the new ferry service should take some pressure off the rush hour commutes for us subway-taking landlubbers in congested north Brooklyn.

And it's always great to see Hizzoner,

Mr. Bloomberg, lost amid a sea

of much taller pols and media types.
Our friend Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was on hand, too, natch.

We overheard him complaining about his constituents in Coney Island who hate music concerts and "don't want them anywhere."

People are really enthusiastic. These neighborhood kids have started a new gang and are aiming to become today's Leo Gorceys, Huntz Halls, Bobby Jordans and (sigh) Billy Halops.

Anyway, there had to be at least a couple of us to shout "Bon voyage!" and throw confetti to those boarding the gangplank.

This little blond child was the last to board, presumably so that he and his life jacket could be the first off.

This guy actually did said say, "All aboard!" before raising the gangplank (disappointingly, without any community board member being asked to walk it).

We waved goodbye to the Greenpoint-bound boat. The ferry at first looked like it was going the wrong way, but the guy next to us said it probably had to go out a certain distance before turning east.

Presumably it made it to India Street for the scheduled arrival five minutes later. As we recall, Christopher Columbus thought he was sailing for India, too.

And with Mayor Bloomberg aboard, in the event of a hometown emergency, the ferry might have to suddenly set sail for Bermuda.

Anyway, we're seriously grateful to NY Waterway for providing hipsters with a new way to leave Brooklyn.

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