Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Evening in Battery Park City: River to River Festival presents Chrisette Michele at Rockefeller Park

We were lucky enough to be in the audience in Rockefeller Park on this beautiful evening to hear a deeply satisfying concert by Chrisette Michele, who seemed at her best before this very appreciative crowd.

She sang many of her best songs, often about dealing with heartbreak, but she's never sentimental and always thoughtful, and her vocalizing is, well, totally remarkable in its subtle range.

This show was part of the great River to River Festival and presented by the Battery City Authority.

Chrisette said that if no one had shown up to her free concert, she would have been so sad that she'd jump in the Hudson River, but she needn't haven' worried. This was a crowd of many of her hardcore fans who, like us, would follow her anywhere.

A Long Island girl, she's the non-divaesque diva, so easy to relate to and displaying the kind of sweet insecurity (like her saying how uncool she is) that makes her, in light of her enormous talent, even more endearing.

We are glad, however, that she didn't rap tonight. She did what she's best at, sing soulfully about the difficulties of love.

She was backed up some incredibly talented musicians and she totally nailed songs like "I Don't Know Why, But I Do," "On & On," "Golden"

and the delicious "Epiphany"

(YouTube video courtesy of thegreaterconcept, who has others online)

Chrisette Michele is also really, really beautiful.

We are grateful we got to see her sublime show tonight.

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