Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Night in Fort Greene: Mos Def at the Fort Greene Festival in Fort Greene Park

From noon on today, thousands of people converged on Fort Greene Park for this year's Fort Greene Festival, "The Art, Soul, and Future of Brooklyn."

We got there around 7 p.m. and had a blast during the fest's final hours, having the great pleasure of seeing (well, given our distance from the stage, not seeing too clearly but hearing fine)

one of our favorite performers, Brooklyn's own Mos Def, who put on an amazing show,

(YouTube video courtesy of goku0723)

even doing a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

Another Brooklynite, the wonderful Rosie Perez, did a great job as MC for the day in the park, which she said was filled with her relatives.

We had a really good time even if some of us had to strain to see the stage sometimes.

(YouTube video courtesy of jonezzy3)

Leaving the park, we were grateful we got to see Mos Def and be at the Fort Greene Festival.

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