Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Evening in Bed-Stuy: SummerStage presents Nice and Smooth with The Awesome 2 at Von King Park

We had a great time in Von King Park in Bed-Stuy this evening at the SummerStage show featuring the classic sometimes slow, sometimes quick, always fly rhymes of Nice and Smooth -- Greg Nice and Smooth B -- who were in terrific form and brought a very large and enthusiastic crowd to the their feet.

Earlier, The Awesome 2 -- the legendary DJ duo of Teddy Tedd and Special K -- also the audience jumping as a party atmosphere enveloped the whole scene all evening.

The whole show was livestreamed over the great East Village Radio.

kidstuy692 uploaded this on YouTube:

And here's the classic "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" from 1992:

At one point tonight, our phone buzzed and it was our brother in Arizona, calling from the nursing home, where our mom, in the terminal stages of Alzheimer's, was having a rare moment of lucidity. We made our way to the less noisy corner of Lafayette and Tompkins where people would have seen a 60yo man shouting, "Hi Mom, I'm at a hip-hop show in Brooklyn, New York!"

"That's great!" our mom said with real enthusiasm.

She was right. It really was great.

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