Thursday, June 16, 2011

Richard Grayson's "SOUTH FLORIDA WINTERS: 1981-1984" Now Available as Paperback or eBook on Amazon Kindle

This week Superstition Mountain Press published Richard Grayson's South Florida Winters: 1981-1984. It is available in a 228-page trade paperback edition for $12.99, as well as an Amazon Kindle edition published by Art Pants Company for 99 cents.

The promo stuff says in part,

Richard Grayson, author of such acclaimed short story collections as WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK, I SURVIVED CARACAS TRAFFIC, THE SILICON VALLEY DIET, HIGHLY IRREGULAR STORIES and AND TO THINK THAT HE KISSED HIM ON LORIMER STREET, has kept a daily diary for 42 years, since the summer of 1969, when he was an agoraphobic Brooklyn teenager.

In the six volumes of THE BROOKLYN DIARIES (Summer in Brooklyn: 1969-1975, Autumn in Brooklyn: 1975, Winter in Brooklyn: 1971-72, Spring in Brooklyn: 1975, and More Summer in Brooklyn: 1976-1979, A Year in Rockaway: 1980), Grayson published selected entries from 1969 to 1980.

Now, in South Florida Winters, the first volume of THE EIGHTIES DIARIES, Grayson describes his move, at age 29, from his native New York City to South Florida's sunny and warm winters.

In the years 1981-1984, Grayson publishes several books of short stories (LINCOLN'S DOCTOR'S DOG, EATING AT ARBY'S, I BRAKE FOR DELMORE SCHWARTZ), runs for the Davie Town Council, becomes a community college professor and a celebrity getting his photo in People, USA Today, and national and local newspapers and magazines, and appearing on dozens of radio and TV shows. SOUTH FLORIDA WINTERS contains his entries from the days of the Mariel boatlift, the condo commando and the cocaine cowboy in Miami/Fort Lauderdale during the age of Reagan.

It will also be available on Scribd and Lulu for free online reading.

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