Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Afternoon in Greenpoint: The India Street Arts Festival on India Street by the Waterfront

Walking up West Street in Greenpoint this afternoon, we followed the arrows

to the India Street Arts Festival,

an almost full-day event presented by Northside Open Studios with the North Brooklyn Public Arts Coalition, Councilmember Stephen Levin, and New York Waterway, whose new East River Ferry has a pier for its local stop right at the foot of India Street.

India Street, of course, is the home of the India Street murals,

which have been praised to the skies,

and today there were all kinds of activities and performances on the waterfront block.

Various bands performed at the block's end, just before the waterfront and pier. We were lucky enough to catch Snowmine

and Appomattox.

The elegantly dressed Mr. Teacher (aka Ryan Fitzgerald) enticed rubes into a fixed carnival game

and Tracy Candido did Food Tarot, combining the culture of tarot reading with tea drinking, both of which encourage dialogue, sharing and social interaction as well as a contemplative mindset and a need to urinate.

These two classy ladies at the pier were The Sunbathers, Sherry Aliberti and Rose Sambrato, who spent most of the day lying out in lawn chairs in their vintage bathing suits, floppy sun hats and classic fingerwave hairdos.

There were all kinds of other activities,

art projects,

booths, and food available.

It was a great way to see stuff, listen to music

and just hang out

and spend the waning hours of the beautiful final spring afternoon in Greenpoint.

We're grateful we got to the India Street Arts Festival.

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